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About the artist

Alex Rennie BA Born 1977 London England

My work is extremely diverse and always changing. This is because nothing is more important to me than my development as an artist.

Within each body of work I experiment with new techniques to further the progression of my paintings. I specially enjoy the manipulation of light, with warmth, fluidity and high realism. I use such manipulations to create a deep atmosphere and stark illusion on a two dimensional surface.

My painting moves between two poles of static high realism (where the subject is dynamic) and an abstract constructed of drawing and loose application of paint (where the medium becomes the dynamic element in my work.) My influences are broad, they include traditional artists such as Tiepolo, Rembrandt, Caravaggio and Louis Corinth and more contemporary artists such as Jenny Saville, Lucien Freud and Peter Doig.

Recognition Listing: The Dictionary of British Artists 2006 - 2012 Major Exhibitions: National Portrait Gallery Scotland 2006
BP Portrait Awards National Portrait Gallery London 2005/2006

Alex Rennie

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Pianist III
Oil on Canvas
24"x36", 2,995

The Box
Oil on Canvas
40"x40", 3,995

Alex nude
Oil on Canvas
30"x30", 2,995

Oil on Canvas
30"x40", SOLD

Thames from Tower Bridge
Oil on Canvas
30"x40", 3,795