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About the artist

Bindi Nicholls née Harris

“The Space Between the Spaces.” A silent observer I sit and contemplate the workings of an anxious and chaotic mind, interested, yet non-judgemental. I enter a peaceful state and look from this outsider place. Only from a sense of stillness can I begin to unravel or unpick and only then can I begin to find spaces between and see images begin to form.

“It’s that anxiety is then transformed into something specific, as specific as a drawing. Then you have access to it; you can deal with it, because it has gone from the unconscious to the conscious, which is fear.

My work is based on the elimination of fears. I am interested in mark making which allude to a certain state of mind; I have used various materials, including wire, cotton lace and found objects to experiment with and use in collage, etching, painting and sculpture. My intention has been to fill the spaces, with patterns or areas of darkness to create internal landscapes that feel claustrophobic and to play with the problem of finding depth, expanse and calm within this same chaotic plane, almost as if in meditation.

Bindi Nicholls née Harris

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Dancing Dark Light
Oil & Mixed media on Canvas
162cm x 120cm (60"x48) £1,495

Rhythm Finding Form
Oil on canvas
162cm x 162cm. SOLD

The Space Between the Spaces
Pen ink & oil on Paper
82cm x 58cm

The Beauty of Metamorphosis
Oil on canvas
85cm x 85cm (34"x34") £1,200