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About the artist

Juliet Rose MA Born 1964 London

I have an MA in fine art and am a full time artist working and living in London. My work is concerned with the plight of refugees and memories of the every day objects in domestic life that they have left behind and with the mundane manufactured debris of what it is to be human. I use objects that may easily be left behind or abandoned, but can equally become totems of emotional significance. . Inspiration comes from testimonies, photographs and archival material from refugees, people who have had to leave their homes behind.

My present work is concerned with the mundane manufactured debris of what it is to be human. The objects I use are redundant keys, safety pins, toys, clothes, cutlery and screws. These objects in some small way explain human-ness as well as our part in society the cement of our routine existence. All my work is created using airbrush acrylic, resin and mixed media.

Juliet Rose

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Oil on Canvas
48"x36" 1,495

Oil on Aluminium
32"x24" 1,295

Abstract Line

Fable of Jack Frost
Oil on canvas
30"x40" 995